Before you decide to go with an LMS solution, you’ll want to consider the following five factors that will help you find the top LMS software development companies in your area. Knowing what questions to ask will support you in understanding which LMS provider meets your needs best. Take these factors into consideration to ensure that you’re making the right choice when choosing an LMS solution provider.

Facts to know the global market growth of LMS

As per “MarketsAndMarkets” report, the LMS market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 14%, which reflects 25.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. 

#1 – McGraw Hill Education

McGraw Hill Education, Inc. has been around for over 100 years. The headquarters of McGraw Hill Education is in New York City and helps develop educational solutions for all ages. McGraw Hill produces online learning tools through their proprietary Learning Management System (LMS). The company’s tool, dubbed CourseConnect, enables educators to create personalized, dynamic curriculums and provide interactive learning experiences for their students.


#2 – ValueCoders

For most enterprises, investing in an Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) is a no-brainer. A custom Learning Management System can help improve productivity across your organization, especially when you consider how much money companies spend on training. But with so many various options available to pick from, it can be challenging to find an Enterprise LMS that is both efficient and effective for your business.


#3 – D2L Corporation

D2L Corporation is a multinational software company specializing in technology for universities and colleges. Founded in 1999, D2L has grown to become one of North America’s leading learning management systems (LMS) providers.  

D2L Corporation boasts a massive 60% market share in Canada, with 20% of colleges and universities across North America using their software. They are well-known for their flagship product, Canvas. Canvas is an industry leader in instructional design, with over 10 million users at educational institutions. Since its launch in 2011, Canvas has been adopted by top universities and businesses such as Stanford University and Walmart.


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#4 – IBM

With more than 100 years of software expertise, IBM has made it to our best LMS solution providers list. They provide an all-encompassing ecosystem that works seamlessly with your learning management needs. If you are looking for a completely custom-built solution, look no further than IBM!


IBM is a global technology and consulting company with headquarters in Armonk, New York. The name IBM is derived from International Business Machines. They are also known as Big Blue, or The Bear for their motto Think. IBM conducts business through five significant industries: Cognitive Solutions, Global Business Services, Technology Services & Cloud Platforms, Software & Systems Hardware, and Global Financing. Their services range from software development to business strategy, cloud computing, to customer engagement analytics.

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