Animal Crossing -Methods and Skills for Building Initial Stores

For players who are newbies to Animal Crossing, at the beginning, they must be confused with such buildings in the game as museums, offices, shops, clothing stores and so on. Each building has conditions that trigger the plot. So today I will make the construction about the initial store in Animal Crossing for you.

At first of the game, Timmy, Tommy, and Tom Nook are selling things in the office tent. When players completed several hidden conditions, the story clue of building the store would be triggered. The hidden conditions are:

1. Pay off the 5K Miles.
2. Use loans to buy a house.
3. Donate 5 samples to Tom Nook.
4. The curator of the museum came to the island.

After completing those above, Tom Nook will propose to build a shop, and then go to Timmy and talk with him. Timmy will tell you the required materials for shop building, they are:

Iron nugget*30

The three types of wood can be easily gathered by cutting down the trees, but 30 iron nuggets is a bit difficult. But don't worry, it is easy to get them when we find the right method!

After receiving the task, we can get five iron nuggets by talking to the animal villagers on the island. After that, knocking on the rocks to have them, but obviously, the rocks on our island are not enough. At this time, going to the Material island is a good way.

Initially, Tom Nook will give us a Mile voucher. We take a shovel, go to the airport to talk to the administrator, and choose to take an off-island adventure to find a stone and tap it hard, and then you can get some iron nuggets.


There is also an efficient way to produce iron nuggets. Standing anywhere in a circle around the stone, usimg a shovel to dig a hole behind yourself away from the stone, jam your position, and then tappimg the stone for 8 times in a row, by doing like these, you can quickly produce a large number of iron nuggets.

But you can't eat food here. Otherwise, the stones will be broken which will affected the output. If you are lucky, a free mile coupon will be recieved to collect 30 iron nuggets. If the coupon is not enough, you can go to the Nook Stop and use 2000 Miles to exchange for another mile voucher.

If you don't have 2000 Miles, you can get them through daily tasks such as fishing and catching bugs, or buying ACNH Bells directly from the ACBellsBuy website.

The two trips out of the island must be able to gather iron nuggets, and then you can hand over all the materials to Timmy. The store will be built the next day.

By the way, in the process of exploring on Material island, we may encounter some new fruits. I recommend bringing back the fruit for planting or eating them. You can also shovel some whole fruit trees and just take them home for planting.

I think Animal Crossing is a Buddha-like game. If you don't want to catch up with the game progress, you can play it at your own pace. It is important to enjoy the fun of the game. Hope you have a good time.

Article from: Animal Crossing -Methods and Skills for Building Initial Stores