What are the classifications of file storage cabinet?

File cabinets can be divided into three types according to their materials:

1.Plastic filing cabinet

This type of file cabinet is used as a file rack in the market, mainly for storing frequently used files, because the plastic will change its way under long-term weight.

2.Metal filing cabinet

Metal filing cabinets are the most popular. The metal file cabinet is green and environmentally friendly, which is convenient for long-distance hauling. Mainly to lengthen the archived files.


(1)Material: It is made of high-quality Baosteel cold-rolled steel plate through shearing, stamping, bending, welding and assembly.

(2)Cabinet surface: automatic spray phosphating, matte epoxy/polyester powder electrostatic spray coating film is not easy to fall off, environmentally friendly, durable, clean and beautiful.

(3)Partition: The partition of the file cabinet has been strengthened and is durable and has good performance. It can store a large number of books.

(4)Pulling hands: forming plastic pull hands at once.

3.Wooden filing cabinet

The exterior of the cabinet made of wood looks very high-end. It is mainly configured behind the big desk of the boss and manager.

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