DOFF is an ideal solution for cleaning buildings suffering from all kinds of dust and grime, for example, fungi, algae, and moss growth. It is a steam-based cleaning system for stones. The DOFF cleaning involves superheated Water and superheated steam. This system kills all the microorganisms and, most importantly, guarantee that there is no regrowth. Stonework and masonry will look seamless for several years to come.

DOFF cleaning is helpful than many other cleaning systems. The mix-up of low pressure and high temperature allows the doff cleaning system to eliminate microorganisms even from the smallest spaces with causing no damage. Above all, you don't have to worry about environmental changes and erosion because DOFF cleaning uses no chemicals.

DOFF system for cleaning stones

If your building stones need to be cleaned or damaged with chemical staining, biological growths, or paint problems, give us a call, Our stone cleaning London team is always ready for you. Our High-quality DOFF system services are the best ones you are looking for. Contact our team for cleaning a facade, monument, or building. We have the expert team, tools, and experience you need.