What Makes Clubhouse Voice Chat App So Special?

However, the popularity of an app can be diagnosed over many factors besides user growth. Mostly, with app downloads. Do you know that in recent days Clubhouse is the 5th most popular app in the social media network when categorized under App stores, next to Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Discord.

In line with Fortune, the total number of downloads till January 2021 is about 2.3 million. And from Appfigures the data found to be 30% of all Clubhouse downloads that have been calculated since January 28th.

If you think Clubhouse is all about voice app technology, then let me clarify, it’s NOT! It’s far more than that it appeals to be. The main deal over here is that it replicates real life. Well, in reality it is not that usual for anybody to just roll up with someone and start conversation. As Clubhouse provides space to the actual human emotions by replicating the actual human, it has become more successful among the other social platforms.