In the present scenario, most reputed higher educational institutions use their textbooks and question sets. Solution manuals for these books are usually not available in the market. So, the institution needs to develop separate solution manuals for their textbook questions. And they often need the help of professional higher education solution manual development services for this reason.


Benefits That Institutions Get From The Service Providers

By hiring professional solution manual development services, the institutions get multiple benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

  • The institutions can design customised solution manuals for their textbooks. They can even decide the length of the solutions.
  • The type of solutions is quite important. Many institutes fear that if the students are given the exact answer they are supposed to write, it will not be suitable. So, the expert solution manual developers write the answers in longer form. So that the client’s learners can understand the concept in detail and then write the shorter answer on their own.
  • One of the biggest problems with solution manuals is inaccuracy. Incorrect answers give rise to unwanted confusion. The professional solution manual developers repeatedly check the solution manuals to make sure that they are 100% accurate.
  • The answers written by experienced experts are always based on the curriculum. Thus the answers are relevant, and the learners can relate them to their textbooks.


Points to Consider While Selecting the Service Providers  

Not every solution manual service provider can fulfil the client’s needs. The institutions need to select the service providing companies diligently. Some of the points to consider are discussed below:

  • The service providing companies must have experienced subject experts who have a good knowledge of the curriculum.
  • The service providers must deliver the solution manuals in multiple languages if required. Hence, they must have academic translators and linguistics experts.
  • The larger the range of subjects. Ideally, the service providers who offer service for all the major subjects across streams like Engineering, Business, Science, Maths, Social Science, Law, Languages, and others are considered best.
  • The companies must offer 24x7 services at an affordable rate.


To Sum Up  

The institutes need customised solution manuals for their self-designed textbooks. The higher education solution manual development service providers like Acadecraft help them to design comprehensive solution manuals with step-by-step solutions. Their services are affordable, regular, and come with accuracy guarantees.