Nowhera Shaik established the Heera Group as her own business. Initially, the business dealt in gold and precious items. The Heera Group of Companies has progressed from one line to the next and is now firmly established in India's corporate landscape. It is a global corporate enterprise. The company's profit curve has risen significantly over the last three days.


The finest aspect about this business is that Nowhera Shaik has alone devised all of the company's tactics and grown it into a massive corporation. She is living proof that you can have it all as a woman! She has a family, children, and a private life, yet this has never stopped her from advancing in her job.


Nowhera Shaik began her adventure from the ground up. She most likely now owns tens of thousands of dollars worth of valuables. Her simplicity, though, is the only thing that sets her apart from other entrepreneurs. "It doesn't matter how far you advance in life. It does not make you a good human being unless you have the humility to respect a lowly way of life." She told a group of wannabe entrepreneurs this.


Nowhera Shaik has proven that by imagining it and making it a reality, women can have it all. She is a human being whose journey offers every girl the courage to see a dream as a possibility for accomplishment. "You must be successful and wealthy, but above all, you must be a nice human being who contributes in proportion to what they receive." She went on to say more.