The pvc bathroom cabinet adopts materials such as polyvinyl chloride, and adopts high-density double-skinning process PVC sheet, which has strong waterproof performance and high hardness. Adopt branded hinges and painted rails. Scratch-resistant, high density, and durable. Various styles and novel designs.

The PVC bathroom cabinet made by grooves, six-sided integral molding and other processes has a more exquisite and detailed appearance and a more tight structure.As PVC is widely used in people's lives, its surface treatment has also been greatly enriched. There are also several general processes for making colors:

  1. The colors are (titanium black (black titanium), sky blue, titanium gold, coffee, brown, purple, bronze, yellow bronze, green bronze, rose red, rose gold, titanium white, emerald green, green, champagne gold ): A layer of metal of other colors on the surface of the PVC, not only the color is good, but also the PVC is very good protection.

2, film: transfer a layer of graphics or color on the surface of the PVC, which can also protect the PVC to a certain extent. Installation of PVC bathroom cabinets When installing the drain of the cabinet basin, put a little glass glue on the contact surface of the drain and the drain hole of the cabinet, then install the drain and let it dry for a long time before using it.

Purchasing skills of pvc bathroom cabinet: hinges are what we commonly call hinges. In the process of frequent opening and closing of bathroom cabinet doors (decoration renderings), hinges are the most tested. Most of the hinges seen on the market are detachable and are divided into two parts: a base and a buckle. Hinges generally have a two-point card position and a three-point card position. Of course, a three-point card position is better.