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During Blackie’s illness, he began taking walks around Gary’s block in Los Angeles, which Gary documented — more than 100 hours in total — and shared 


on social media. These walks were timely — they channeled (and inspired) Gary’s own method for coping with the isolation and restlessness wrought by the 

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When reflecting on the early days of lockdown, Gary recalls, “It was a time where you didn't see anybody, couldn’t travel, and were basically on your own. 

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But they said you could exercise, so I would allow myself to go out and walk. And I did so in a very extreme way.” On average, Gary still walks about eight 


or nine miles every day. 


On creating legacies through art

Gary’s work incorporates symbols and characters that represent his loved ones. After drawing his beloved Blackie the Cat and using the artistic process as a 

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way to memorialize their life together, Gary created the painting, The Ascension of Blackie (pictured above). The painting was inspired by a dream Gary