We sit most of the day, be it in an office chair, lounging in a recliner chair, reading a book on the wooden chair, taking meals on the dining chair, etc. But for elderly people, there can be times when they cannot sit comfortably because of their limited mobility. 

To provide them with safety and comfort both, there are several chairs available like shower chairs, recliner chairs, etc. There are hospital chairs available for the elderly in the hospital to provide them with required comfort. These all chairs are mostly adjustable in height, size, and many ways around. To know more about these adjustable chairs, let us have a look at what they are, their types, and their benefits:

What are Adjustable Chairs?

Adjustable chairs help elderly people to overcome their poor mobility. They help you to sit in a comfortable and better-supported way. There are five main types of adjustable chairs for the elderly:

  • Orthopedic chairs
  • Riser recliner
  • Lift chairs
  • Vibrational massage chairs
  • Adjustable high back chairs with arms 
  • Work chairs

Benefits of Adjustable Chairs for Elderly

Comfort and Support

Adjustable chairs provide comfort and support to the elderly while reading, resting, watching TV, chatting, or enjoying any other activities. Adjustable chairs have features like adjustable backrests for supporting the back and promoting good posture. There are some adjustable chairs like riser recliners or lift chairs. These are height adjustable chairs crafted to meet the user's requirement of adequate height. Additionally, some chairs have adjustable tilting leg rest for helping even the weight distribution of the user. 

Easy to Use

The vital benefit of these chairs is to provide the elderly with ease of using them. One can sit on it in an upright position when they wish to and easily adjust to a more comfortable position just with the push of a button.

You can adjust these chairs to fit your requirements by adjusting the seat width, leg rest, backrest, and height accordingly. 

Wide Range of Adjustments

Most of the adjustable chairs are operated both electrically and manually. Electrical chairs are more useful for more mobility-restricted elderly. Both chairs provide you with laying positions, many adjustable sitting positions, headrest adjustments, etc. These chairs come in many sizes that you can choose as per the space you have to accommodate it.

Better Blood Circulation and Even Weight Distribution

If you sit for long periods in one position, then you need a comfortable chair that allows you to recline and move as per your comfort. One can adjust these chairs from different angles. The electric motorized chairs usually have more adjustable angles than the manual ones. These chairs allow better circulation and ensure your weight is evenly distributed to reduce body pain.

Pressure Control

Some adjustable chairs also have unique features like pressure control, specialist cushions, extra paddings, and tilt-in-space ability. This helps to prevent build-up pressure in your back, elbows, hips, and heels.

Flexibility and Independence

Another benefit of adjusting chairs is that it gives flexibility in various ways, be it the size of the chair, attached wheel for moving independently, etc. This feature makes these chairs more beneficial for the elderly as they do not need caregivers to move them from one place to another. They can do it by themselves with automatic controls.

Some of these chairs also have extra cushion padding around the bottom of the seat, and if not, then you can always attach them at the footrest. These chairs are available in various sizes, colors and for various purposes. For instance, if a patient has to stay in a hospital for some reason, they can use hospital chairs. Same way, to ensure safety and comfort during showers, they can use shower chairs. You can get yours that fits precisely to the elderly's requirements and helps to promote safety, independence, and comfort.

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