A face is not all about beauty. It also is a corpse face into your health. The way your face looks and appears, you can tell a lot about your health. Different parts of the face will give you information on the health of different organs of your body. Of course, do not start self-medication if your face reveals that there is something wrong. Make sure you visit your doctor to get a confirmed diagnosis and leave it to your doctor to treat the problem.

Some of the ways that your face can reveal the status of your health are as follows:

Your nose gives an indication about your lungs. If you have thin and long nostrils, then your lungs are weak. People with this type of nostrils need to do a lot of deep breathing exercises and physical activities to develop the power of their lungs. On the other hand, if you have a red and bulbous nose, it maybe an indication of heart disease, liver disease or elevated blood pressure.

People who have sunken and hollow cheeks have weak lungs and digestive tract. It can also be an indication of malnutrition or physical exhaustion.

If you are suffering from pimples, it means that you are consuming too many sugar laden foods like candies and pastries. Also, cut down on your consumption of eggs, meat, fat and fish.

If your facial skin has a orange or yellow tinge to it, it could indicate a problem with liver, pancreas, gallbladder or spleen. If you face has bluish, white or red spots, it means that you maybe suffering from cardiovascular disease, overproduction of bile, fever or inflammation. White patches on the skin are indication of liver problem or kidney problems.

A double chin means that you have too much cholesterol and fat deposits in your body.