The SQUARE FACE means she is stable, direct, frank, corpse reveal, honest, selfless, dedicated, faithful, stubborn, with deep convictions.

The FOREHEAD shows she is non-physical, and an objective thinker. Paternal problems are also seen in the forehead because of the rough areas. She is clever and decisive.

The EYEBROWS are smooth, thick, long and elegant. They shows a long life. She is a peace with her surroundings. They are arched indicating she appreciates good manners. She is tolerant, energetic with organized thoughts. She is tough, proud, emotional, aggressive.

The large light brown EYES are practical, steadfast, self-sufficient. She has charm and charisma and can become very emotional. The wide upper lid means she a person of direct action.

She can be jealous and is easily influenced as seen in the drooping eyes.

The large turned up NOSE means she is generous and likes to help others. She is independent and resourceful. She likes to spend money and may become moody. She finds it hard to concentrate on just one thing.

The GROOVE under the nose is flat and wide. It is almost absent. This could shorten her life. She can have 2-3 children.

The large MOUTH with full lips is generous and close to her family. She is sensuous and emotional. The crooked lip line shows her suspicious nature.

The EARS are large and thick, even with the eyebrows. This shows good fortune, but physical problems. She will be successful and popular.

The round CHEEKS shows a great command of power. The strong jaw and chin indicates she is stubborn and set in her ways. The square chin indicates she will make a good leader.

The left eye is slightly higher than the other. She overreacts and daydreams. The left side of the face appears calm, cool, genuine. The right side of the face puts on a warm happy facade.