When you use a Canon printer on numerous devices, you may receive the best-in-class and high-end printing features. With the help of their Canon printer, users may print and scan documents, files, and images. However, customers may encounter a variety of technical challenges when they attempt to print something from their printer and it fails to print properly or displays an undesired error. There are numerous causes for the Canon printer not printing issue, and you will need to resolve the Canon printer not printing color correctly problem as soon as possible in order to resume your printing tasks. After knowing the actual causes, you will learn how to fix the Canon printer not printing issue step by step in this post.

Why isn't my Canon printer printing in the correct color?

You may encounter this problem for a variety of reasons, and some of the more prevalent causes of Canon printer not printing color issues are listed below:

  • As a result of printer drivers that have become corrupted.
  • Ink cartridges that have run out of ink.
  • There are concerns with paper jams.
  • Incorrect printer firmware installation.
  • Errors in configuration.
  • Issues with compatibility.
  • Due to a filthy and malfunctioning printer head.
  • Duplicate ink is used.

The above-mentioned causes are to blame for the Canon printer not printing color issue, and you can easily locate these mistakes in your printer to resolve the problem. There are several ways to fix your Canon printer's not printing problem, and if you don't know how to cure it, you must first learn how to fix it before proceeding.

What should I do if my Canon printer's color is off?

Technique #1: Toner Cartridges Inspections 

An empty ink cartridge may also contribute to the Canon printer not printing correctly issue, so make sure your cartridge is properly filled with ink. You can check the ink level by following the instructions below: First and foremost, open the printer's front door. Now, carefully remove the cartridge. After that, check the ink level and replace any empty cartridges with the appropriate ink. After that, replace the printer cartridge in its original location and run a print test to ensure everything is working properly.

technique #2: Try to update the printer driver

If you are having problems printing color with your Canon printer, you should update your printer driver to the most recent version available for your model and operating system. The official printer driver can be downloaded from the official website and installed on your PC.

technique #3:  Double-check your color printing choices:

Make sure that the color printing option on your Canon printer is turned on, because if it isn't, you may experience a variety of printing troubles. You can do so by following the steps below to enable color printing: To begin, navigate to your computer's Start menu. Select Settings from the drop-down menu. Select Printers and Scanners from the drop-down menu. Now, from the list of available printers, choose your Canon printer. Then, on the Properties tab, click. Check to see if you have the color printing option enabled. If it isn't already enabled, turn it on.

technique #4: Boot up Your Printer 

Rebooting your Canon printer might help you resolve a variety of technical issues, including the issue of your printer not producing color correctly. You can run a printing test to see if the problem has been rectified. You may easily resolve the Canon Pixma printer not printing color difficulties by following the methods outlined above. However, if you are unable to resolve this issue or have any other questions, you can immediately contact Canon's official support team for immediate assistance.