Here is my current set-up: Sacred clay helmet Granite body Dragon Platelegs, Amulet of rs 3 gold Glory of Glory, Ring of wealth, Obsidian cape, Dragon longsword, obsidian sheild/Mithril defender. I have approximately 1 mil to upgrade my armor/wep. It is important to note that I require the experience so I can't upgrade the helmet. I haven't yet completed the freminik quests either. We'll change the black boots to dragon's boots when I've gotten a few additional 100ks. Haven't done monkey madness. Im trying to get dragon defender btw...

It actually did lol I was able to get 20k-30k exp 2 day in str, much more than my usual... I don't train for anything over an hour at a strech, as i like creating friendships and enjoying myself more than having skills. The thing is, it's not for my needs, as i said in 1st post, I've not done the fremmy quests. This is a repuirement.

What is the cost of proselyt? I'm unable to continue purchasing degradable armor, so I'd like to know if proselyt will declines too. Thanks for the info. It's very cheap and not degradable and the only thing that is good is that it comes with the most powerful prayer bonus but bad defence I wouldn't recommend. In training, def doesn't mean crap. Str and prayer have more importance in training, and that's why Prosy Over Guthans Plate.

My prayers, if utilized often (just to protect my prayers) is able to wipe out my pray to 0 in two minutes or so. I use flash protection prayers (on prior to opp atks or after) along with 2 prayer pots, it will keep going for more than the time needed for me to have full inv, or so.

Bad thing is, because of lag, even it isn't perfect from time moment, and I get hit. If i'm not equipped with good def, the few seconds of lag wud mean the loss of half my bank lol. If I switch on my prayer continuously in the evening, it'll end by when i've had four kills. (blue drags) and with the pros it would give me several extra seconds and i wouldn't be able to fire cape buy osrs keep the pots of pray because it's pricey too... But ty anyways.