Recently in Brisbane we had a huge downpour of rain following a tropical cyclone in the north of the state.

On the heaviest day schools were closed and most shops as well. Late in the day during a lull in the rain I walked outside of our inner city apartment and the streets were empty of people and cars.

All except for one man, standing alone outside of an office building, as I was trying to stop my umbrella from self destructing I realised he was smoking.

It was a scene, which would have been at home in a French noir film.

The lone smoker reminded me of a current anti-smoking advertisement showing a worker by himself while his co-workers had lunch inside, then a shot of a women smoking by herself while her family sat together inside watching television.

This kind of scene is being played out all over the country every day and every night as life passes them by. An older lady told me she is the only smoker in her retirement village and she keeps to herself so that no one knows.

As a result her life has contracted so much that she feels like a hermit and is very unhappy.

Sure there are plenty of smokers who smoke with friends but a large number are solo lonely smokers, hiding from the world and trying not to be noticed.

If you are a lone smoker, have you ever stopped to wonder what you are getting from it, how much fun are you having? How satisfying is it?

So what is it about smoking that keeps you trapped? If you think you can't quit then it's a wrong belief, because hypnosis is extremely effective for those who are committed.

So now you know how to quit or you are not really that committed. Maybe you like the taste or the smell, perhaps you feel cool with a smoke in your hand, I hope not because you don't.

Maybe you smoke because you are stressed; well you know that causing a boost of stress hormones to flood through your veins isn't very relaxing.

I bet you that if you stop and be vape attic hours honest with yourself you won't be able to find one singe viable reason to smoke.

So why not do yourself a huge favour and just quit, and don't forget that hypnosis will make it so much easier than you ever imagined.