Moisture content is one of the most important aspects of grain storage. Grain producers, distributors, and processors must maintain low moisture levels in order to prevent possible destruction and spoilage. Sensors are typically used for detecting moisture content but there is still debate on how efficient they actually are. Moisture sensors are grain storage equipment that provides a quick and easy way to detect moisture and they are readily available.

When grains are stored in the bin, moisture sensors are used to keep a track of the moisture levels. They can detect any present high levels of moisture and they will emit a warning signal to alert the operator. Whenever there is any moisture detected the bin needs to be filled as it is an indication that something is wrong as there should not be moisture present in the bins. Moisture sensors are used for grains, hay and feedstuffs.

How do moisture sensors work to detect the moisture levels of the stored grains?

Moisture sensors are simply one of the useful farming equipment for measuring the moisture content and maintaining the Moisture Monitoring System.

The moisture sensor will emit a low voltage signal which is monitored by an electronic control panel. If the moisture level gets too high, this monitors changes in electrical current with allows it to create a warning sign.

When there is no moisture present in the stored grains, there will be no change in the signal. If the moisture level is above acceptable levels then this will alter the electrical current between two probes. This altered current goes into a control panel which then gives off an alarm.

The computer system calculates the preset time for drying based on grain type, weather conditions, and other factors to avoid spoilage of grains.  Moisture sensors are used for grains, hay and feedstuffs.

The effectiveness of moisture sensors varies depending on how often they are used and maintained, and on the type and quality of the sensor. Moisture sensors provide a quick and easy way to detect moisture and they are readily available.

One of the most trusted moisture sensors is the Grain Temp Guard Probes Alarm HT that effectively keeps a check on the moisture levels of the stored grains inside the storage bin. It is connected with the Grain Temp Guard Alarm System HT to monitor the moisture levels. In case there is any variation in the moisture levels of the grains, then this equipment triggers an alarm to alert the growers. As a result, the growers can easily take corrective action such as drying /aerating the grains with the help of aeration fans that are connected to automatic fan controls like EndZone Fan Controls. 

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