Companies are using react native so as to prioritize not only performance but also efficiency as well. Developers and programmers agreed that react-native helps a lot when it comes to building mobile applications for smartphones and devices.

 In 2015 react native was seen as an opportunity why the founding company Facebook, and develop this framework that is geared towards mobile application development capabilities to build hybrid apps for Smartphone devices.

 In this article, you will come to know about successful companies using react native to build the best products. Why is it essential for you to use react-native in 2022?


1. Bloomberg:

Bloomberg is a finance company that provides various essential tools amongst the likes of equity trading and Analytics for many different Enterprises.

This name is synonymous with journalists and news enthusiasts, Bloomberg helps them to deliver news and information on the public and market trends for various business portals.

The app that Bloomberg has developed has much or less the same objectives and uses react-native to complete and achieve its tasks.

Bloomberg was able to achieve and implement an automatic code refresh feature in its app which leads to its users getting always the latest news but they open the app and have started using it.


2. Facebook:

Facebook is the founding company behind react native and react JS frameworks, and is leading to the use of the framework in its social media products for consumption to people and consumers. This Framework was initially developed by a team of Engineers looking to invent a new feature for their product, but then they thought to develop the Framework as a full-fledged toolset that can be used by the development community for development and programming purposes of developing smartphone applications using hybrid Technologies.

React Native is also used for the development of Facebook ads manager, which is a business tool to manage advertisements for their products and services. 

React native is cross-platform in nature in fact it is able to handle the subtle user interface difference is when it comes to adding management and date formats flawlessly. The transitions and animations used by react native with the same development standards as native applications. You can Hire React Native Developer for your App Development.


3. Uber Eats:

Uber with its most successful App that helps people to get transported from one point to the other, now enters the food industry space with the capabilities of serving and delivering food to consumers and customers from a variety of wide list of restaurants and eateries.

Uber eats is a delivery service it's similar to swiggy and Zomato, a small part of the Uber eats app namely the dashboard interface owes its existence to the flexibility and efficiency offered by the react native framework.


4. AirBnB:

AirBnB is an inexpensive and affordable way to book travel resorts and hotels for your Traveller stay. It offers cheap and affordable alternatives to book rooms to its resorts using the react native application framework Airbnb was able to increase engagement and drive the inquisitiveness amount is consumers and customers in its AirBnB app.

There were a large handful of developers who use react native framework to develop the Airbnb application. The most priced feature that Airbnb feels, Is its ability to reuse code.


5. Instagram:

As we all know how popular Instagram is, with what is started as a photo-sharing application, now is popular among customers and consumers to use short videos being one of the trends amongst creators and social media influencers. The team behind Instagram used react native in the realm of possible challenges, that they were able to achieve and push features for both IOS and Android users


6. Skype:

After using react native for a number of years, the Microsoft team behind Skype switch to using electron because they wanted they have to be an exact replica, of its desktop version. react-native was used because of its high-speed efficiency and ability to use a single code base for both IOS and Android versions.


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So these were some of the popular companies using react native for the development of their products and applications.