I've started playing just All-Pro, but Mut 21 coins one thing I miss from Pro is that the twisting indicators not being nearly useless, especially for punting. You hardly have one to start with and it attempts to vanish as you line up the kick.

One thing that I noticed about this year's game is that there are no one-on-one tackles. You receive a guy in space, there is no purpose in juking because you will find twoor three additional defenders about you to bring you down.

On arcade the sum of broken tackles is crazy but the swarming into the ball remains there so I think it's just"normal" gameplay.

EA overreacting to us all whining about how broken the zones were at the last 3 matches and how the defense could just stand there at their zone while the ball was out and the play was happening. As usual they didn't fix anything, just switched it up from 3 to 11.

Gotta nerf the AI QB and bump up your participant DB policy and interceptions. The AI DBs are absurd too, so that I bumped them down a bit also. They like know where to go when they are not even taking a look at the ball, and out or corner paths are just useless in this game. I really don't want 50 points a game but it needs to be reasonable.

Regardless to play defense, I have to cheap Madden nfl 21 coins play with the MLB and fall into policy or else the zone defense you perform is absolutely garbage. I can't throw for over 5 yards beneath a zone however your LBs will only give up 30 yards on every drag route.