Recently, the EVE Online Partner Program, which aims to provide EVE Online content creators and communities with a means to obtain official support from CCP Games to help develop their dedicated communities, was announced.

An official announcement was published on the EVE Online website. They published the EVE online partner program to express their gratitude for it, so that they can help you continue to expand your audience and provide services to the EVE community. Since its establishment in 2003, the EVE Online player community is a dedicated community for enthusiastic players. But what is the reason for taking so long to implement the partnership program?

If you can be a partner of this plan, then you can get free OMEGA and an additional fee of 500 PLEX per month. The CCP developers have created the unique SKIN series so that every month you will receive a creative method that can be used for gifts, competitions or other rewards for the audience. You also have the opportunity to promote on the official channel of CCP Games.

If you want to apply for the EVE Online partner program, you can apply online. CCP Games will review and process to see if you meet the requirements. For answers to common questions, CCP’s task is to find content creators. They put time, enthusiasm and creativity into the creation of EVE Online. Your EVE Online indicator is something that developers want to know. In the Cheap EVE Echoes ISK previous months of activity, they will use this method to verify your audience size in order to judge whether you meet the minimum requirements.

For the complete details of the requirements and content guidelines included in the EVE Online Partner Program announcement, you can get it here. Now you can submit your application. For players' questions about how to Buy EVE Echoes ISK get a better gaming experience in the game, there is now a good way, that is, you can get cheap EVE Echoes ISK on MMOWTS.