Gifting roses, chocolates, teddy bears, or Archie cards gives nostalgia for our childhood days. But as you grow up with time these things seem childish and cliche. As we all know there is no other option in the market other than these things or the expensive items which some of us cannot afford, let's be honest!!

Likes and dislikes

The way to a woman's heart is direct: just make her feel special and you have hit the bull's eye. We keep browsing the Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Girlfriends but every website shows all the chocolates, watches, roses, or soft toys. You have to work a little harder to know what her likes and dislikes are and you can easily figure out the dos and don’ts.

If she has a sweet tooth instead of giving her a box of chocolates you can bake her cake or muffins, women love effort more than anything else.

Old school or new love?

Whether you have listened to Pahla Nasha or love story by Taylor swift. The love has been the same forever. The only thing is the definition of it has changed, love for our previous generation was something different, there is this old saying “greyer the world age, the more loving it becomes". But there is something else about first love, heartbreak, first Valentine’s Day gift for a girlfriend. There should not be any comparison between them both has their own essence.

The most beautiful thing about being in love is that you don’t need any occasion for making her feel special, you don't need any reason to gift her but the gift should be well thought out.


What do you do on Valentine’s Day?? Matters less than celebrating it with your own person and in your special and unique way. As corny as it sounds there is no wrong way of celebrating valentine’s day be it on a Face time,  a romantic vacation,  just being with each other and doing nothing, buying her favorite dress which she has her eyes on for months, or gifting her the best valentine day gift.