TradeInsta application is the best share trading app in India. It facilitates full-assistance to its users and creates a hassle free trading environment. It’s user friendly trading manual is suitable for all level of traders whether a newbie or a market expert.


Trade Insta app not only keeps you abreast with the latest market news and events but also helps you with enhanced trading experience. The share trade app has a good user interface. Besides, it is divided into many sections and categories for easy navigation.


Under the news section, you can read all the important business and stock news. You can stay updated with all the latest happening in the economy and know the things that can have an impact on the stock market.


Some of the other striking features of the Trade Insta app are.


- Overview

In this section, you can view the advance and decline ratio of stocks on Nifty. Besides, you can also view the live streaming of top Nifty stocks.


- Quotes

In this section, you can view the prices of the stocks and other stock related details such as depth, fundamentals, technical, 52 weeks high and low, day’s low and high, the upper and lower circuit limit, etc. Furthermore, you can also see the live stock prices streaming and find minute details of stock movement.


- Charts

Charts are curial for traders to take trading decisions. On TradeInsta application, you can find charts of all the stock. You can analyse them and study the trend to take informed trading decisions. Further, you can use them to determine the future movement of the stock price.


- Notes

This section lets you see other investor’s and trader’s views on a particular stock. Besides, you can also add personal notes and keep them confidential.


- Fundamental and Technical Score

With this feature, you can know the fundamental and technical score of a stock. A stock having a good score can be purchased and added in your portfolio. Whereas, a stock having a lower score signifies that it is weak in nature and not a good buy.


- Scanners

This is an important feature used by traders and investors while conducting technical and fundamental analysis. They can take trading positions for short term as well as long term based on this analysis.


- Research Calls

The best share trading app also comes with a unique and beneficial feature where it regularly provides you trading and investing calls. This helps you in making quick money in the intraday trading and also building a healthy portfolio.


Trade Insta mobile application is the best broker for stocks market application and you must try it once by download it from the play store on your android phones.


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