Blockchain technology has grown rapidly over the past few years, and it’s now transforming several industries, including insurance, finance, retail, supply chain management, and health care. There are approximately 434 companies that develop blockchain solutions today, and there are 668 blockchain projects that were launched in 2018 alone, per PwC research. In this article, we’ll explore some top blockchain trends that will impact your business in 2022.

1) Asset’s tokenization

With asset tokenization on Blockchain, you can convert assets into a cryptocurrency and gain access to a vast pool of potential investors that otherwise would have been inaccessible.

 This is one of the top blockchain trends for startups looking to raise capital for their projects without turning to traditional means. You can work with an ICO development company that builds your token smart contract and works with you on listing it on crypto exchanges, or you can do it yourself and save some money while keeping more control over your project’s direction and outcome.

2) Progress in Innovation

The blockchain ecosystem is one of the most dynamic and innovative industries out there. Every passing day is creating a buzz among tech enthusiasts and businesses alike. It has been predicted that by 2022, blockchain development companies will become more prominent than ever before. But what are some of these impacts? Let’s find out!

3) BAAS(Blockchain-as-a-service)

BaaS is a concept where cloud-based blockchain networks are provided to enterprise customers, who can use it without worrying about installing and maintaining their hardware. BaaS also helps software companies by providing them with a framework upon which they can build their applications.

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Which industries will be extensively adopting Blockchain in 2021-22?

The game-changing potential of Blockchain is well established now. Many industries have already started exploring ways to leverage Blockchain to enhance their existing business processes. The businesses that will be heavily adopting Blockchain over the next few years are Transport & Logistics, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, and Supply Chain Management.

→ Food industry

It was estimated that around 10 percent of all food produced is wasted, according to a report from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) at the United Nations. With such massive wastage happening, it has become a grave concern for governments and businesses alike. Large retailers like Carrefour are beginning to embrace blockchain technology to solve food wastage. The retail giant hopes that using blockchain technology will aid their ability to track data regarding their products, which could help them better monitor spoilage and inventory levels.

→ Logistics and transportation industry

Logistics and transportation are bound to be revolutionized by Blockchain, which will reshape how consumers interact with their food. Think apps that track your meat from farm to fridge (and back again). We already see startups like Provenance and OriginTrail use blockchain technology to build supply-chain transparency for everything from coffee to ethically made fashion items. 

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