Uniswap exchange is not a basic crypto trading exchange from where you can buy, sell, or swap cryptos. However, being an existing user on the Uniswap exchange, you may know how it works and what does it offers users. Well, there are a lot of users across different countries that might be facing some difficulty while using some features on this exchange.

Among different issues that users had faced, a common issue that is being reported by users is that they are not able to complete the transaction under any circumstances. Even after following the correct procedures and entering the correct details, users are not able to complete the transactions.

At times, this issue on Uniswap exchange may come with a reason and at times, it may not. However, in both circumstances, it is the duty of the user to figure out what needs to be done.


Reasons why a transaction may decline

Uniswap is one such exchange that keeps on undergoing huge market fluctuations and you may not know about it. This sudden change in the transaction fee or converting value may give rise to this issue. Although we know that, fluctuations do take place and transactions do get completed at that time as well, if the amount is seen not be near the actual amount, the transaction would definitely decline.

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What can you do to fix the issue?

Well, there are a few ways that you can give it a try and one of the best ways to do so is making sure that you keep on increasing the slippage tolerance. For example, if it is already set at 3%, you can set it to 6% now and then 7%.



Apart from this, if it is a server-related issue or something related to the internet connectivity, then you should try to take necessary measures based on the reasons. In case the mentioned solutions do not help you with fixing the issue, then you can check the status of the Uniswap exchange website and see what is wrong with it.