Goa is a place where you must travel with your friends or your spouse. It is one of India’s most beautiful tourist destinations because of its beaches, pleasant weather, happening nightlife, water activities, seafood, and many more. Here are the things that will help you in making your trip easier and more pleasant:

  1. Booking a flight – Air ticket booking is the first step of planning your trip to Goa. If you think that you are not getting a fair price. You can use Google Flights calendar options that tell you the dates with the best prices. Goa flight booking on these dates may be cheaper for you, and you can plan a trip on those days if your schedule is not tight and you are flexible with the dates. Online flight booking has made things very easy as now you can complete flight ticket booking in just a minute.
  2. Visa for Goa – If you are not a citizen of India and plan to visit Goa on your India trip, you should know that India doesn’t offer a visa-free entry or visa on arrival. You can apply for eVisa.
  3. Season to visit Goa – You can visit Goa in any season. However, most people prefer to come to Goa from November to February. But the rooms are expensive at this time. You can enjoy the rains in Goa from May to August, but this is the season when most beach bars and shacks are closed. We would recommend you not to visit during the peak season of December and January because you will waste a lot of time in traffic jams. Many Indians during Christmas and New year come to Goa for celebration.
  4. Swimming in Goa – There are a few red flags in Goa that indicate the places that are dangerous for swimming. The sea will look calm from above, but the undercurrents are powerful. If you go inside, you can be taken away to the open sea much faster than you can swim. In such cases drowning accidents can happen.
  5. Shopping – Shopping in Goa is fun, and there are many things that you can buy from Goa like incense sticks, swimsuits, jewelry, tea, spices, clothes, fruits, etc. Things that you need are easily available on the streets. Goa’s grocery stores may have fixed rates, but vendors may charge you extra when they find out that you are not local. The best way to bargain is to cut the price by half and then move up while negotiating.
  6. Safety – While Goa is safe, it doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions. Trust your gut and don’t accept any drink offered by a stranger. When you doubt someone, contact the nearest shop or ask for help from a local.

Goa is an ideal place for adventurous and party people. If you have never visited Goa, you should plan it soon in the future; you will surely not regret it.