Madden 22 is still releasing some incredible cards to the MUT 22 market. The latest addition highlights some of the elite players from the Super Bowl past. There are tons of cards to choose from in the Madden 22 Super Bowl Past set. Players can prepare MUT Coins to get player cards they want. 

Of course, which player card to get for Madden 22 Coins will definitely depend on the specific needs of the player’s team. It would also help if they’ve built an ultimate themed team where one of the MUT 22 cards would help boost.

Players won’t find a better player in MUT 22 than Larry Fitzgerald. Obviously, he’s a perfect fit for the Arizona Cardinals Ultimate Theme Team. What players love most about Fitzgerald is his 98 JMP and 97 SPC, which makes him perfect for goal-line jumpers. His 94 SPD and 96 Short Route Running will be great in the slot. So Larry Fitzgerald is well worth the Madden 22 Coins for players to get.

If players are going to play against some great wide receivers, they’re going to need strong free-defense safety. Ronnie Lott is a fast free safety with a 95 SPD and his top performer as a zone coverage safety with a 97 ZCV. Ronnie Lott is one of the most expensive cards in the Super Bowl Past set, and players will need to spend 291K Madden 22 Coins to get it. Still, he’s probably the best MUT 22 player in the game.

The last card is the LTD Marcus Allen, which won’t be around for very long, and for good reason. Not only did he have an incredible speed at 95 SPD and 96 ACC. He can also break tackles. Considering his speed and acceleration, his TRK and BTK are both set to 97, which is incredible. He’s also an excellent running back, scoring 87 CTHs.

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