After "World of Warcraft" competed for the title of world number one, "Complexity Limits" won consecutive championships, defeating Sire Denathrius and clearing the raid of Nathria Castle, which took effect for the first time on a North American server.

The race through the Classic WOW Gold castle of Nasria was a limitless failure at first-with the help of the controversial 16-hour preemptive strike by the North American Association-but a week after the huge shadow world of "World of Warcraft", they were firmly ahead of the European race rival Echo's raid. Start.

Along the way, Method won six world No. 1 leaders, including Sludgefist, General Stone Legion and the last boss Denathrius himself. The North American champions did not seem to be immobile in the final stages of the game, as they drew up to 292 times against the penultimate boss.

The long battle allowed Echo to retreat to the Cheap WOW Classic Gold battle, but Limit completed the job with a score of 143 against Denathrius on December 23. Limit's second victory in 2020 is still the only complete Nathria castle.

Ultimate Guild Master Arthur'Maxmium' Smith admitted that winning World of Warcraft is a feeling of "nothing else" for several reasons. However, the main thing is the dark cloud that has been shrouding the guild since Ny’alotha defeated Method in February. At the time, the guild led by complexity introduced the "21st Man", with Maxim on the sidelines.

They did a lot of work for this attack, because in the entire narrative last attack (Nyalosa), the affairs of the 21st man helped a lot. He thinks that many other guilds use it to "cope"... It's really disrespectful to the players, Max said after winning the studio raid.

"Others suggested that we "eliminate" them to win the February victory, but then they copied the attack, but we still won here. "I think this is for our players to really understand them very well in this game. Ownership is a good thing, this is not the head we want to beat other guilds. Another reason, and perhaps the best reason, is that we saved Christmas! "He said with a smile.

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