UK Lifting Products have drum kits for every application. Some of the UK's leading chemical, mining and manufacturing companies have used our drum equipment. Drum handling equipment from UK Lifting Products makes it easy to transport, store and use your drums. It also creates a safe working environment. There is a wide range of drum handling equipment including drum taps and taps, pneumatic drums and seals, drum kits and drum funnels. All drum handling equipment is designed, manufactured and tested to British standards.

Without proper equipment, the drum cannot be lifted, moved or positioned correctly. These activities can place a heavy burden on employees and businesses. Drum handling equipment can ease the burden. These tools can help you work safer and more efficiently. Ergonomic equipment allows operators to easily transport the drum, reducing injuries.

Drum handling equipment:

Electric Drum Lifter and Rotator - This electric drum uses a battery to lift, rotate and weigh drums.

Deluxe Drum Cradle - This drum cot has a stable and removable fit with a 210 liter steel drum. You can move the drum around the center and set it aside.

Safepour Decanting Cradle - Safepour allows you to remove liquids from metal or plastic drums efficiently, safely and economically. The Safepour Decant Cradle can reduce injuries when holding a heavy keg.

Steel and Plastic Drum Trolley - These trolleys are designed to fit steel and plastic drums up to 210 litres. It also includes a hydraulic pump that allows quick loading and unloading.

Hook Drum Lifter - Transporting this drum is easy if you have something to hold onto. This allows you to store drums in a group and not move them to another drum. Super-Flow Rotary Pump This refueling system is designed for on-road and off-road vehicles and machinery. It also comes with an optional hose kit to refuel the aircraft.

Drum Dolly - Drum Dolly allows you to transport heavy drums from place to place. This cart is compatible with both steel and plastic drums. Easy operation is possible with casters that can be rolled easily. We offer a variety of options for stainless steel and powder coated steel to meet your needs.                      

Hydraulic Barrel Truck - This barrel truck is suitable for transporting barrels. With a weight of up to 365 kg, it can support a wide range of weights.

Forklift Drum G Rab - Steel drums can be transported with non-pulling drums out of the vehicle. Heavy-duty welded steel design makes it easy to mount on most forklifts.

This product is Steel Drum Paltiser - designed for loading and unloading drums from or onto the edge of a pallet. It can be used to equip a steel barrel with a top. The locking handle holds the weight of the drum for easy transport.