We never liked the word "embarrassment of wealth". Why is it embarrassing? Can you really have too many good things? When it comes to documentary movie, we think you can't, so we prefer to classify the best documentary movies in 2021 as the pride of wealth. We have listed three in this list, because in our normal thinking, we feel that we can't do without any of them. The wide variety of films here proves that a lot of work is being done in the field of non fiction. Many of the films we choose are music documentary movies, but this is only because there are too many extraordinary and non negligible work in this field. However, the films on the documentary movie list also include race, politics, art, food, police, animal kingdom, environmental crisis, opioid crisis, and a more exciting rescue mission than any thriller. For anyone who doubts the doctor's rules, our response is simple: be realistic.


No matter what your impression of modern China is, if you don't see it through the eyes of Jessica Kingdon, a director based in New York and observing China, you won't think it is complete. In the style of photographers Lauren greenfield and Edward Burtynsky, the winner of the Tribeca Film Festival trained her lens on the impact of China's fast-growing economy, Let the audience see eye-catching and often absurd scenes in their imagination. Kinton's curiosity spans all walks of life, from an assembly line where women prepare silicone dolls for demanding customers to a private restaurant where elites accompanied by housekeepers learn how to eat bananas with knives and forks. Without contextualizing what we see, HD collages require us to understand a more layered and excessive society than our own. Peter debruge


The incident that took place in the fortress like Attica correctional facility in September 1971 is still shrouded in a vague myth for many people. For 50 years, this catastrophe has been called "uprising", "riot" and "massacre". In fact, it is a general term of the three, and it is also a challenge to human justice. Stanley Nelson's immortal film (co directed by Tracy curry) is a decisive record of what happened at that time and why it still echoes in our racial consciousness. Nelson used unprecedented archival footage to take us into prison and let us share the glimmering hopes of prisoners who want to improve their extremely poor conditions. We have witnessed arduous negotiations, the power struggle behind all this, and the shocking crime finally committed: a massacre approved by the government. In order to prove itself impeccable, the government is willing to kill everyone it sees - prisoners and guards. When you watch Attica, hope and tragedy coexist. Owen gleiberman

Beatles: stand back

In January 1969, during these three weeks, the Beatles rehearsed and recorded the later let it be. A month after the first release of the documentary, Peter Jackson spent eight hours recording the three weeks. It's a documentary you can't imagine without it. The casual observations in the book are enough to capture the true identities of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr - how they get together, argue, joke, make music, and talk about the past as if they had never been. Jackson cleverly combined these scenes and abridged them into a Verit é anecdotal novel. He also found how much the Beatles loved each other - even though they sometimes quarreled in a way that only brothers could have. The Beatles are still the most legendary of all pop stars, but after watching get back, you almost feel like they are your friends. Sad