Short bursts are best.
Babies and toddlers are more challenging than other children because they can't be left alone.

If you're in charge of childcare, the best solution may be to work in short periods when you can like when your children are asleep.

You may be able to work from home and your spouse will be responsible for the children. If this is the case, plan your day so you can leave your workplace to assist your partner, rather than sitting in your cubicle for the entire day.

6. Nurture creative activities.
Your child will not be content with an entire book. You can keep your children engaged in creative activities if you are responsible for the care of your children.

It is possible that switching between different toys or activities can give you more time and encourages deeper playing. If your kids aren't used to playing independently, you can try stimulating their imagination by turning it into a game its own right which allows them to be independent, such as solving a puzzle or making something completely by hand using art supplies, and an established time for them to show you the results they've created.

If your kids are fine with a little screen time but you still need to be able to make crucial calls and focus on other things, you can check out educational resources like Scholastic Learn at Home, online games that teach spelling and music skills, as well as virtual museum tours.

7. Make sure you plan your meetings well.
Nearly every parent working from home has dealt with some unfortunate events.

Although some of this may be normal and could be attributed to your colleagues, it is essential to prepare to be prepared for interruptions. If you're on conference phone calls with children, send the children a non-verbal signal "Do not interrupt".

With toddlers roaming around it's not always feasible. It may be better to schedule calls in the time they are sleeping. It is possible to turn off the phone or reschedule depending on whether you need to be on childcare duty.

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8. Make sure that technology is working for you.
The rise in remote working is the result of the rise of cloud computing. Instead of having to manually exchange documents or logging in to account accounts for users in the workplace, workers can access the data they need to complete their job online.

It's now simpler than ever for you to work from your home using collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and project-management software like Trello.

The right apps can make all the difference in the process of setting up your own Zoom video conferencing background, or making a tech stack to make your life easier,

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9. Learn when it is time to switch off.
Finding the right balance between work life and home has never been more difficult. Although many people are quick to point out the benefits of working remotely, it's difficult to feel like you're working all day long. It's crucial to be aware of when it's time to switch off.

When planning your daily routine, you may need to adapt to the demands of your children. Still, it's important to set a time that you are able to confidently state that you're done for the day. You'll have to set clear boundaries and have self-discipline with your team to do this.

10. Take care of yourself and also be ready to help others.
If you are a parent who has to balance work and childcare and childcare, you deserve a medal and all the help you need.

It is possible to ask your family for support, employ someone to take care of your children, or request your employer for flexibility in hours, and even more flexibility during WFH.

Don't expect to manage everything perfectly and effectively every time. You can find ways to make your life easier. But, you should also be mindful of yourself when things don’t seem to go as planned. If you find it difficult to manage things, take some time to relax and make sure you take care of yourself. Stress can be a major issue for many people. So, it's essential to keep your thoughts and limits in check.