Google and Facebook both hit by faulty chip that could invisibly corrupt data

Internet giants Google and Facebook have found out that they're suffering from computer chip malfunctions that can corrupt data or make it impossible to unlock encrypted files. Facebook stated that hardware makers need to pay attention to this issue, which is due to the enormous computing resources these firms use.

Google was alerted of the problem when engineers in multiple teams reported difficulties with their calculations. However, Google's standard diagnostic tools did not show any problems. Investigating the issue revealed that several chips were responsible for repeated...

Autonomous walking excavators can construct walls and dig trenches

An autonomous prototype construction vehicle that weighs 12 tonnes has shown that it can perform on extremely difficult terrains without the assistance of the assistance of a human driver.

Swiss-German engineers have successfully transformed an excavator type that can walk on struts that can be extended. It can also handle steep slopes without the assistance of human beings. The adapted walking excavator was used to construct a stone wall 4m high and grab trees for mock forest work. They also used it as a dig machine.

Stealthy marine robot begins studying mysterious deep-water life

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A stealthy autonomous underwater robotic that can track elusive underwater creatures and not disturb them can help us to gain a better understanding of the biggest daily migration of life on Earth.

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Mesobot is a 250-kilogram robot. It is able to be operated either unconnected to a source of power or tied to a light fibreoptic cable to allow it to freely move below the surface.

The ocean's twilight zone - known more formally as the mesopelagic area lies between about 200 metres and 1 kilometre in depth. It also is the site of the daily event called the diel horizontal migration (DVM), in which creatures that live in deep waters move closer to the surface in order to consume the plentiful food resources and avoid predators.

Biologists consider the DVM an important method by which nutrients and carbon dioxide are quickly transported into depth. This permits carbon dioxide to be stored over the long term. It's difficult to study DVM-related creatures because they are often scared of water or light.


Technology's benefits can be used for work, personal, and social life

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The World Wide Web (abbreviated as "www") has transformed the entire world a social village. This is due to the fact that information from all across the globe is readily available via the internet.