Types of remote customer services jobs
1. Remote Call Center Agent
No longer are call center agents required to be in one place. While call centers remain extremely popular, you can do the same job at your home. A headset that is connected to a call center headset can help you manage your household tasks and even travel around the world while helping customers solve their problems.

2. Rep. for Remote Customer Support
Remote representatives for customer service are given the same duties and responsibilities as those in-house. They can reach customers and offer them new services, products, discounts, pro-active solutions, and company news. This position can only be handled via online communication, which can include telephone calls, emails live chat, as well as social media. It may even be easier to meet your daily quotas while working from your home.

3. Remote Rep. for Customer Support
Remote customer support representatives answer customers' questions and concerns, and provide product and service recommendations in their return. As remote customer service representatives, they are able to provide support via various channels. They can also work from anywhere as long they have internet and a phone.

4. Remote Live Chat Agent
Chat agents are on hand to provide continuous support via live chat for prospects and customers. This could be for example helping customers shop online. This is an excellent position if your remote environment is noisy and distracting or you are uncomfortable speaking on the phone.

5. Remote Customer Support Engineer
Support engineers for customer service are experts in solving customer issues with the products and services. They offer quality, quick solutions. It is not necessary to be an expert in computers or have had training in software to run your business.

6. Remote Customer Success Manager
Customers success managers are accountable for helping customers in the implementation of their products and account management and also campaign implementation. They build close connections with their clients and follow up to make sure they're always adding value. This position can also be performed remotely, as it is possible to communicate with clients via email, phone or via video chat.

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7. Remote Implementation Specialist
After customers have made a purchase Implementation specialists aid customers with the process of onboarding. They help customers understand the internal workings of the software and help prevent any potential technical issues. While the job is usually at the office, it is also possible to call remotely, send emails, or use video conference.

8. Remote Virtual Assistant
Remote virtual assistants help clients with specific tasks. They can also be used as virtual assistants to organize meetings and handle client emails. This job is perfect for those who love doing unique jobs and work closely with customers.

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9. Interviewer via remote telephone
Companies often hire people to do this type of outbound phone calling. Telephone research interviewers are those who call customers for businesses to gather information on their experience. The data you gather will provide valuable insight into your customers. Telephone research interviews can be done via the internet or over the telephone.

10. Remote Travel Agent
Travel agents may seem outdated as people can easily make travel arrangements online, however they are still around. What once required meeting in person can now be done online via email, phone, and live chat. You can organize customer travels by simply knowing the company's software.

11. Specialist in Content Enablement
A specialist in customer service is accountable to provide employees of customer service with the necessary resources to provide excellent customer service. They make sure that every interaction is rich in value and that all team members are equipped with the necessary skills and tools. These employees are great team players who can help their fellow teammates to generate positive customer engagement.

12. Remote Customer Success Director
The Director of Customer Satisfaction is the one who leads and builds the team for customer success. They are accountable for establishing the company's customer satisfaction strategy and directing the team to implement it. This typically involves overseeing staffing, collaborating with departments within the organization and reporting on the success of the initiatives.

After you've learned about the various work-from-home customer support positions, let's take a look at jobs from real businesses that you could consider applying for.