Different types of remote customer service Jobs
1. Remote Call Center Agent
It's long since the days when call center employees needed to work in call centers. Although call centers are still very popular, you can do the same job at your home. If you've got a call center headset that you have, you'll be able to handle all of your household responsibilities (or travel around the world) while still helping customers with their issues via the phone.

2. Remote Rep for Customer Service
Remote customer service representatives are subject to the same responsibilities that in-house customer support reps. They interact with customers, offer discounts, offer proactive solutions, and also communicate information about the company. Because this job is limited to various forms of digital communication -- from phones to email to live chat to social media, you can manage the task from anywhere. It could be even more convenient to meet your quotas working remotely.

3. Remote Customer Support Rep
Remote customer support representatives respond to customers' questions and concerns, and provide suggestions on products and services in their return. They can provide support via different channels, much like remote customer services reps. It is also possible to work remotely if you've got an internet connection and an iPhone.

4. Remote Live Chat Agent
A live chat agent provides constant support to customers or potential customers via live chat. You will often assist customers shopping online by answering their questions. This is an excellent situation if your environment is loud and distracting, or you're uncomfortable speaking over the phone.

5. Remote Support Engineer
Customer support engineers offer high-quality solutions, and are skilled in solving technical problems customers might encounter with their the products or services they purchase. It is not necessary to be a computer expert or have received training in software for your company.

6. Remote Customer Success Manager
Customer success specialists aid customers in managing their accounts, onboarding products and campaign execution. They develop a strong relationship with customers, and they follow up on their clients regularly to ensure they are gaining the most value. You can accomplish this via email, phone or via chat.

7. Remote Implementation Specialist
After customers have purchased, implementation specialists assist them in product onboarding. They help customers understand the inner workings of the product and help prevent any potential technical issues. Although this job is typically in the office, it can be done remotely via phone, email or via video conference.

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8. Remote Virtual Assistant
Remote virtual assistants can help clients with a variety of tasks. You can use them as virtual assistants on the internet to assist in scheduling meetings, managing email correspondence with clients, or doing research for your company. This is the perfect job for those who love doing unique tasks every day, and works closely with clients, and is also working remotely.

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9. Interviewer for remote telephone research
These individuals are often employed by companies as experts in outbound calls. In the role of a phone researcher or interviewer, you will call customers and gather their feedback via the telephone. The responses of your customers are analyzed, which will give you important insights. Telephone research interviews can be done remotely as they are conducted via the phone.

10. Remote Travel Agent
Although it may seem like travel agents have become obsolete since people can now make reservations online for travel, they still exist. The things that used to require meetings in person can now be conducted through email, phone or live chat. If you have a good understanding of your company's software and a keen eye to discounts, you'll be able to manage customer travels from your own home, or perhaps your own vacations.

11. Specialist in Enablement Content
A customer service enablement specialist is accountable to provide employees of customer service with the resources needed to provide excellent customer service. They add value to every interaction by ensuring that team members have the skills and tools required to do so. These employees excel as team members and can assist their colleagues to ensure a an enjoyable customer experience.

12. Remote Customer Success Manager
The director of customer success manages and oversees the team for customer success. They create the organization's customer success strategy and guide the team in implementing the plan. This involves overseeing and working with other departments within the organization and monitoring the success of the initiatives.

Now that we know all about the available customer service jobs available, let's examine the job openings real companies have which you can be interested in applying for.