Randoms gives you the possibility to RuneScape Gold meet lots of strangers and become friends with those who are adept at the dung game and you get along well with. After some time, you'll have enough friends who train the dung, that you can put together a team fairly quickly typically with just 1 or 2 randoms. Sometimes, with none.

Personally, I play often dunk with my friends but I prefer to go with randoms since I am able to be certain I will have the confidence that there'll (or most likely) be random on the internet. This means I don't have to plan my classes around other people.

I'd highly recommend purchasing 70 attack, strength, defence, range and mage prior to attempting barrows. You don't require that, you just need 70 mage, 50 ranged to use the MSB or mithril bolts from Zanik's C'bow. It's worked for me. Though I've got better statistics in the last few months.

OP: get DT completed for Ice burst, unless you already have 55 slayers. In that in which case, I'm guessing that you can make use of magic dart. If you decide to do this, you'll want a canifis portal in your house which will require completion of DT (or it'll take slgihtly longer to get there regardless). There's no requirement to complete DT, but it's a exciting quest and you'll be looking to get it finished sometime in the future and having it completed now would be beneficial. If you don't require 70 att., def., str., and mage will be very helpful. Magic dart can be a useful alternative...

Absolutely not, but I'm talking about Cheap RS3 Gold melee levels? Really absolutely don't require them. Barrows runs are fine without them. I'm sure that 70 defence might be helpful however, if you're using magic with ice, you won't need to melee anyway. Not at all. Karil gets damaged by magic, and Ahrim is slow to move.