Various types of Bakelite Parts include: brass bakelite knobs, brass bakelite inserts, brass bakelite molded inserts, brass bakelite components, brass bakelite car parts, brass bakelite terminal blocks, yellow Copper bakelite connectors, brass bakelite terminal blocks, brass bakelite electrical parts, bushes, etc.

We have established quality control processes to meet the specific requirements of customers in various industries. All our manufacturing processes are done in-house using the latest technology and quality management systems. The range of bakelite molded parts has various shapes, sizes, material composition, international standards, surface coatings and any other configurations according to custom specifications and requirements. As the market moves towards customized industrial components, the demand for bakelite molded parts remains high.

There are many forms of bakelite material composition to meet different requirements. It enables rapid prototyping with reduced production time. Bakelite mouldings have heat resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance and electrical resistance. Brass is the most widely used metal in manufacturing today because of its superior quality and performance. Brass has higher tensile strength, higher ductility, improved machinability and fluidity, and can be used as a casting material. It has corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and thermal conductivity. Brass is widely used in various cast parts, pipe fittings, screws, fittings, decorative parts, etc. Due to its low electrical conductivity, Bakelite is widely used as a molding compound and protective coating for various electrical and automotive industry parts, components and accessories. Not only that, the range of bakelite molded parts is widely used in electronics, power generation, telecommunications, pipelines, marine, aerospace and construction industries.