There are a lot of dental clinics in Calgary. This makes it very hard to know if you have the best dentist in Calgary because you’re comparing across so many options. One of the coll things about there being so many choices is that there are like many dentists that could be considered the best so you’ll likely be able to find someone amazing in the area of the city or with the expertise you need.

When searching for an amazing dentist in Calgary, there are some core things you should look for to help you narrow things down and make the best choice for you. Because that’s another major part of the equation - What makes the best dentist in Calgary may be different for you than from someone else.

So how do you go about figuring this out? Here are some tips.

  1. Ask friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. Chance are, someone has an amazing dentist in Calgary that you can check out. Ensure they have any specialities you need and that they are conveniently located close to home, work or school because no matter how great they are, you need the regular visits to be convenient and simple to plan as well.
  2. Check the out online. Make note of any referrals you’re given and search Google for top options as well. Though you can pay to rank at the top of the page, the organic results are typically based on the pages that get visited most and that Google finds to be the most popular clinics. Check the Google Business listing for any options you’re considering to see their rating and what other patients have said in their reviews. Look for positive resolution to negative comments and that the positive reviews discuss things that align with the values and policies you’re looking for. And don’t forget to take a peek at their websites to get a sense of what each clinic stands for.
  3. Meet the clinic. Once you narrow down a few clinics worth checking out, we recommend givign them a call to ask a few questions or stopping in for a quick meet and greet. This lets you get a sense of their policies, the staff at the front desk and to meet the team. You also get to see the clinic itself and decide if it’s cconvenient to access and generally how you feel being there.
  4. Assess how it all goes. After your meet and greet or first appointment, ask yourself if you felt welcomed, genuinely cared for and supported. Determine if the clinic focused on what was your best options and if they tried to help you with advice, supportive policies like direct billing and following the provincial fee guide.

Choosing the best dentist in Calgary can be a simple process because there are lots of great ones here but you do want to be careful to feel out the clinic and the staff there first to ensure you are happy with your care and the time you need to spend at your dentist in Calgary.