No matter if you're an RPG fan, or Madden 22 coins you like sports games, or even if you are an avid simulation player, there's bound to be something in Origin's collection that gives you hooked on gaming... There are plenty of deals to be had here, then. There's plenty more on offer also, including deals regarding Sims 4 expansions, Apex Legends, and an STAR WARS Triple Bundle. You can also save when you join EA Play as well; EA Play subscribers receive 10% off the Origin store in addition to the standard.

Origin is basically the EA outlet that sells its games franchises. This is why it's full of games published by Electronic Arts! Find all your EA favorites here, along with any expansion packs or DLC that you might purchase, along with classics like Titanfall 2 and Dead Space.

Apart from video games, Origin is also the place where you can sign up for EA Play. This is EA's subscription-based service that grants access to a wide variety of games from the company's healthy roster, even including early access to several brand-new titles from the EA stable.

You can get a subscription to EA Play in two ways. The first option costs $4.99/month which is $29.99/yr. It gives you up to 10 hours of playing new releases, for up to 10 days prior to official launch as well as a range of other advantages.

Tier two is EA Play Pro. It's $14.99/month (or $99.99/year. This is the most value, as you get unlimited access to all the games that are available within EA Play. You can play EA Play on a number of devices which include PC, Xbox, and PS5. An Madden NFL 22 user named Flazko has developed a set of cheap Madden nfl 22 coins sliders aimed at trying in making the game seem as real as possible.