2021 is a bumper year for fantasy movies. In the past 12 months, new films such as dune, Encanto and the matrix recoveries have been released one after another. With the long-awaited magic films such as "the Green Knight" postponed due to the epidemic, science fiction fans must have a lot to look forward to in early 2021. From optimistic animated films to melancholy and serious films like Mitchell and machine and Luca, like green knight and Wizard: Wolf's nightmare, there has been a wide range of fantasy movies in 2021, which will certainly meet fans with films of any taste.

Sand dunes

The latest sci-fi epic adapted from Frank Herbert's dune is about three hours long. Directed by Dennis Villeneuve, the director of "coming", dune is full of impressive CGI, incredible performance and amazing soundtrack. Timoth é e chalamee's performance of Paul atrides is the same as the role in the book, which is worth seeing. The cast of the film is very strong, including famous actors such as Jason MoMA, zandaya and Oscar Isaac. The film, adapted from dune castle, has brought a much-needed upgrade to the series in terms of visual effects and talents, and the exploration of the original story is further than that of the 1984 film.


Disney's latest animated film Encanto tells the story of a magical Colombian family. The protagonist Mirabel is the only person without magic in her family, which makes her feel lonely at home. However, when the family's magic candles began to darken and damage the family's house, Mirabel wanted to save the day. Encanto discusses the topics of hand and foot, displacement and heavy family expectations. With the songs written by Lin Manuel Miranda of Hamilton, this vibrant musical will surely touch the heartstrings of countless audiences.

Matrix recovery

Directed by Lana wodrowski, matrix 4 is the last time fans of the matrix series have seen it in cinemas since the release of the matrix revolution in 2003. The film tells the story of Thomas Anderson, or Neo, who is the designer of a popular virtual reality video game. Anderson must choose whether to take the red pill again, or find that his reality is a psychological construct, or continue his current reality without really knowing whether he is awake or not. "Matrix: Resurrection" shows that the chemical reaction between them has remained since the introduction of the characters in the first film, which is also a great new series in the series.

Mitchell to the machine

Mitchell vs. the machines is a family animated film that describes the uprising of artificial intelligence in a more relaxed and pleasant way. The film tells the story of a family trying to fight robots and other mechanical devices because their AI chips began to fail. Although the film is mainly a comedy, it will never avoid more serious scenes. At the heart of "the Mitchells and the machine war" is a growth film, which tells the conflict between a daughter and her father when she tries to leave home to pursue her dreams, and how the end of the world makes them resolve their differences and strengthen their relationship.

Wizard: Wolf's nightmare

"Wizard: Wolf's nightmare" tells the story of wesemir. Gerat is the trainer of levia. The film, which took place many years ago in Netflix's "Wizard" series, shows the story of the origin of Vizier, the fall of Kyle Moran and the witch tra gilcrest's attempt to completely eliminate wizards. Although the style of this film is closer to modern Japanese animation, fans of the original work, game and series of wizard should never be frightened by the changes of this animation, because it provides valuable information about the background stories of wizards and provides the background for the second season of wizard.