For the past few years, AngularJS has emerged as one of the most popular frameworks when it comes to modern web application development. Although various other frameworks are also in the market, none of them has been able to match up to the features and functionalities offered by angularjs development company so far. That’s why this JavaScript framework has become very much popular among the developers across the globe who are into modern web application development. However, it can be quite confusing to choose which framework will work best for your next project when there are so many available options in the market today.


1) Data Binding

If you want a true MVC framework, then data binding is a must. And if that’s what you need, Angular is perfect for you. Data binding enables us to control how our UI changes when our model changes.


2) Directives

The beauty of angularjs development services directives is that they encapsulate all of our code into a single unit that can be easily replicated or reused. From here, we have two methods at our disposal: compile and link. Compiling a directive allows us to simply specify a DOM element and transform it into a component using template expressions. On the other hand, linking gives us more control over when and where we want to inject content from.


3) Dependency Injection

Angular relies on Dependency Injection (DI) extensively. This is a design pattern in which one object creates and passes another object its dependencies (usually other objects) upon request, rather than having one object instantiate or construct other objects itself. Dependency injection helps keep your code decoupled, which is important in large projects with lots of developers working on different parts of an application simultaneously.


4) Modules

AngularJS comes with modules. These are bundles of pre-written JavaScript that performs a specific function. For example, if you want functionality that automatically validates user input on an HTML form, you can pull in one of these forms validation modules. Modules are written by other developers who have had experience creating web applications with angularjs development company in usa. This means you get solutions to common problems already written so you don’t have to start from scratch or pay someone else for them.


5) Testing

Writing quality tests is one of most important parts of developing web applications with any framework. The two most popular frameworks, Angular and React, are both very test-friendly. They have their own testing frameworks, but you can also use whatever testing framework works best for you or is recommended by your team. Testing gives you assurance that what you’re building is working properly now and will continue to work as new features are added in later on.

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