Frontend and backend development are the two fundamental parts of any website development project, and it’s important to choose the right approach when it comes to developing your next project. Depending on what you need, either frontend or backend developers may be better suited to do the job, and this blog post will break down each type of developer and how they differ so you can make an informed decision about which type to hire for your next project!

What is frontend development?

There are two general categories of web development jobs: frontend and backend. The front-end is what users interact with—the website or app you see when you visit a page. The backend, often referred to as the back end or back-end development, refers to everything that goes on behind those user interactions. It’s what powers that site and determines how it functions, even if users don’t ever see it. As an example of how these roles differ in an actual web development team, let’s consider a client who wants their company website redesigned.

What are the advantages of hiring dedicated frontend developers?

Hiring dedicated frontend developers means you don’t have to worry about managing a team of freelancers or having to deal with an agency. Plus, you get direct access to your developers, allowing them to better understand your needs and respond in real time. If a problem comes up that requires someone’s input from another department (e.g., marketing or sales), you can get it immediately without having to wait on someone else.

What does back-end mean?

The back-end of a website or web application is everything that runs in the background: databases, servers, code that doesn’t need to be served to users. The front-end, on the other hand, refers to everything a user sees and interacts with.

How to find quality dedicated back-end developers?

It’s possible to build a full-stack app yourself, but if you’re using a freelance developer (and not an agency), it’s important to look at each developer’s skillset and make sure they can help you with both front- and back-end work. If you need dedicated back-end developers or full stack website development service, keep these tips in mind: 1.

Who should you hire for dedicated front-ended development?

If you’re looking to build a brand new application, from scratch, then it’s usually a good idea to hire dedicated front-ended development team. However, if you want an existing app with some additional features/appearance improvements, hiring a dedicated front-ended development company or hiring frontend developers can be just as efficient and cost effective.


The two main advantages of front-end web development are speed and a better user experience. That being said, you should hire dedicated development team to build these features. The investment you make in hiring a front-end developer will be returned many times over as they help build an aesthetically pleasing website that loads quickly, which in turn translates into higher conversion rates, more traffic and thus more revenue in the long run.