In my excuse, I'm are assuming that you're getting 95 prayer from about 75ish. You are able to add on your own numbers and OSRS gold follow what I did to see if its any different. So a 35m gap in the purchase price and a 15 hour time difference. So if you value your time at 2.3m+/hr it is worth it to use bark dragon bones. However, this is assuming you have the money already, that you dont, but if you would like to accumulate the frost bones to make this possible you can.

Now for the amassing the bones. Everything depends on how much you make/hr. Should you create 2m/hr then it's 90 hours to your frost bones and 72.5 hours to your dragon bones. Now adding how long it takes to use the bones its 97.25 hours all the way through for dragon bones and 100 hours all of the way through for Frost bones. And you need to answer for yourself if 2.75 hours is worth 35m. (Probably not). Therefore it is better in your situation to use dragon bones, by 2.75 hours difference and 35m. Dragon bones are all about precisely the same period as frost bones, but you save 35m.

I really don't think so. For example, if you press Esc to close your lender it would need to use coordinates to obtain the X to close the lender, making it illegal and automatic. Additionally pressing F10 to switch to bank and gear, that is not 1:1 input output. Moving from gear to bank is a number of purposes and is also impossible to do with 1 click unless you're hacking the game to allow it to do that. If this isn't the case then develop on which you would like it to do, then I did not really know what you were asking but I gave my effort.

Provided that it is 1:1 I really don't see the big deal as Jagex themselves added hotkey's for invent:D F1 etc.. I didn't understand that so no need to buy RuneScape gold be a jerk about it... The issue remains that you're becoming more than 1 output for 1 key press., you can't do this unless you are hacking the game applet to include extra key bindings. You can do it via an external program but that is not 1 input 1 output. The most you could do is make esc perform a mouse click, which makes it pointless since you could do that using Mousekeys.