Do you have a view about OSRS GP this? It's not like I'm feeling bad all the time, should I? I've changed my mind about everything. I understood that a sport is a game to be played for pleasure and that if I make a mistake on it I may decide to do it IRL too. I switched my view. I was also feeling bad about being very poor so I decided to RWTed. The same website that gives UGC cards I use to get mems also offers PayPal money and I used it. :D

Additionally, with the 10M I merched with and increased my number to 18M fast. If I can make another 10M quick (100 100% genuine) then the money should begin rolling in. The 50M came due to dicing/everything. That's probably. the amount I spent all in all. Also, I noticed that merching was really simple for me at around 10M... I hit 18M in a month. It was then I sliced it off. It's a long story...

1. Mage should be used with the best spell you can use on lessers until you're able to lower alch and then raise alch.

20-30 on melee can be done by monks. 30 to 40 can be done on fleshies.

Ten to 20 ranges can be completed using the goblin spot I previously showed you. Next 20 to 30 can be done on monks or minotaurs. 30-40 at the jail guards spot I demonstrated. 40-50 is a possibility in fleshies. Additionally, once you turn 30, you may be able to make hill giants. If you decide to sell all the bones, it is possible to make 252k (30-50)

From 20/20/20 to 30/30/30 you'll be able buy old school runescape gold to get 3011 prayer if you bury all the bones. There's a 350k trading limit as of now. The other questions are just a bit of a waste of time. Are I subject to a 350K limit or does everyone have? Are there only the young people? Are monks really as good? Do they provide good xp?