In the kitchen, skirting lines, kitchen skirting boards, and kitchen cabinet feet are indispensable materials for kitchen decoration. If the decoration is done well, it can instantly improve the home to a grade. Not only that, but the skirting lines also protect the walls and hide the wires. It also plays the role of visual transition, so it is better to choose metal material or stone material for skirting? Let's take a look.

   Metal skirting is divided into stainless steel and aluminum alloy. This metal skirting material is mostly used in modern style decoration, with good anti-corrosion ability, long service life, and easy cleaning.

  Stone skirting is environmentally friendly and has high wear resistance, but the disadvantage is that it is expensive and has high environmental requirements, otherwise it is easy to corrode and bore. Because of the rich and varied styles of stone skirting, it is suitable for a variety of decoration styles.

   How to choose metal skirting and stone skirting, you may wish to compare from the four aspects of durability, cost performance, wear resistance, and aesthetics. In terms of durability, stone skirting is greater than metal skirting; in aesthetics, stone skirting is greater than metal skirting; in terms of cost performance, metal skirting is greater than stone skirting. Wear resistance: Stone skirting is larger than metal skirting.

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