The most commonly used currency in New World is coins. In this game, players can use this currency to buy almost all items, so when we enter the New World, we need to get more coins. Below we will introduce you to several ways to get coins in New World.

How to make more New World Coins?

Collect all the loot and sell items that may be useful to other players through the trading post. When you understand the items that players need most, you can create a lot of wealth this way. Because players will be short on resources at the beginning, when they are short of a specific item, they will usually buy the item to save time. It is foreseeable that as the game content continues to deepen, the effect of this method will weaken.

Complete more quests and you'll find that your coins will get more unknowingly. Although very few, most missions offer some New World Coins as a reward. Also, these tasks are usually not difficult to complete, especially tutorial tasks. The coin rewards provided by the quests will be the basis for you to earn money in New World.

In the final stage of the game, you need skills to earn money. The most important trading skills are gathering and crafting, they will always be with you. In the new world, most items with powerful buffs need to be crafted carefully. To avoid your forging skill level falling behind other players, you should use all methods to improve your crafting skill during the upgrade process. The effort is worth it.

Of course, if you don't have time, then you can give up these methods above. At this time, you can choose to buy New World coins on a third-party website.