As an important part of the mold production process, the function of the guide post and guide bush is to guide, position, bear the lateral pressure and support the weight of the mold. The guiding function is to ensure that in the process of moving mold and fixed mold, normal alignment can be ensured, so as to prevent the mold from being out of place, losing the most basic functions, and being unusable. The function of the support is to avoid the skew of the ejector plate during the ejection process. It can be said that it plays the role of supporting the movement of the ejector plate and ensures that the ejector plate is in stable operation during the operation.

   The main reasons why the inner wall of the guide sleeve workpiece cannot be coated with a zinc layer are mainly the following four points:

  1. The main salt concentration of the plating solution is low or the ratio is out of balance.
  2. The concentration of the softener is too low.
  3. Improper operating parameters.
  4. The influence of metal impurities in the plating solution.

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