Developer Grinding Gear Games will deploy the update with many improvements and bug fixes to Archnemesis and Siege of the Atlas content. Every update and fix will increase the demand of players to Buy POE Currency.

GGG has prepared a preview of its patch notes to give players an idea of what to expect from patch 3.17.1. Archnemesis content is undergoing important changes. The developers have fixed a visual bug, where the Mystery Ball challenge requirements were displayed as Grand Eldritch Ember and Grand Eldritch Icho instead of Exceptional Eldritch Ember and Exceptional Eldritch Ichor.

In previous content updates, players could not sell items to Kirac, an issue that has been resolved in patch 3.17.1. Players will also be able to spend POE Currency to get the items they need.

The new patch will also update the description of the Syncretism Atlas Passive to clarify that it only applies to temples in the area. Note that the Atlas passive referring to temples does not apply to secondary temples, which are only affected by the increased temple effect and temple effect duration from the Atlas passive tree. Players can also spend POE Currency to improve the effect of skill trees.

Many bug fixes are coming to the game, and players unhappy with the bugs in the new Archnemesis should now be able to enjoy them. Players in need can also POE Currency Buy and watch more strategies. This makes the game journey smoother and more fun for players.