New World fixes two recent troublesome issues. The recent downtime has been used to fix two bugs, one affecting taxes, and the other affecting recently released Corrupted Love items in the store that have been shown to crash servers. Players who are ready to buy Corrupted Love items with New World Coins have also been suspended.

The housing tax is not functioning properly, and the tax paid does not go into the treasury of the owning company. This has been addressed in today’s update, so the always pleasant act of paying taxes should at least go to the right place. This will also reduce players spending more New World Coins because of the company’s misconduct.

Another issue fixed in today’s update seemed tricky, as the Corrupted Love pack and the new Angel and Demon skins in the store were quickly removed at launch. This has been happening on February 8th after the bug that caused the server to crash came to light.

Because these are Valentine’s Day-themed merchandise, the fix usually comes just in time for today’s festivities, but there was some communication after the merchandise was taken off shelves last week. The official update on the skins and server crashes suggests that players who already own them can continue to use them without issue, but they remain on hold until a fix is implemented. This has now been resolved, and on February 14th, players are unsure if they will still be able to spend New World Coins to get it given that the Valentine’s Day holiday is ending.

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