Quote by L. Frank Baum - “There is no place like home”. The comfort you get at home is incomparable. Due to increasing age, you might have problems like weak eyesight, hearing problems, joint pains, less stable feet, etc., and choose to stay at home most of the time. However, many times, you might have faced tripping and falling in the house because of the physical limitations.

So, it becomes essential for you to organize the house in a safe and comfortable way. If you live alone, it is important to have these items for increased independence and ease out your lives in many ways. Here, we have listed a few items that you must have in the house for senior citizens.

Bathroom Essentials

A bathroom is a place where every individual likes to have your personal space and privacy. But with increasing age and knee pain, it is difficult for you to sit and stand up by yourselves while using the toilet. You need support every time you wish to use the toilet. To overcome this issue, you can use grab bars. 

Grab bars are easy to install on the bathroom walls or on walls where you need extra support to sit or stand. The other kind of garb bar is suction-based. They are portable and are helpful when away from home. They stick on any non-porous and flat wall and can hold up to the weight of 300 pounds. But if the bar leaves the wall, the user might fall or trip. 

So, if you or someone you know needs support while answering nature’s call or taking a warm shower, the best option is to mount the grab bars into the wall.

Mobility Devices

The other challenge that older people face daily is mobilizing in or around the house. If you have some sort of support while mobilizing, then it can provide the balance and stability you need for walking without tripping or falling.

There is a wide range of mobility aids available in the market. From walking sticks to mobility scooters, older people can choose one based on your current health condition and the type of use, i.e., indoors or outdoors. 

Such mobility devices empower the old to move around freely and do things independently. It is good to have extra support rather than falling and increasing troubles.

First Aid Supplies

As people age, their skin becomes thin and bones become brittle. Even minor injuries can cause more harm to older people. So it is vital to have first aid supplies at home. But what will you include in your first aid kit? Let us clear the air for you. 

Your first aid kit must have:

  1. Thermometer
  2. Alcohol wipes
  3. Antiseptic Liquid
  4. Cotton 
  5. Band-aid
  6. Tape
  7. Blood pressure monitor
  8. Fast pain relief spray
  9. Medicines(Fever reducer, anti-inflammatory, antacid)

Above is the list of items you must include in your first aid supplies. You can also add a few more items based on your health condition and needs. 

Fall Detector Alarm

The major challenge senior citizens living alone face is that there is no one to pick you up if you fall accidently. It might be hard or impossible for you to stand up again and contact emergency services or reach out to family members. Thanks to technology, there is a device that detects falls and notifies emergency contacts for you to take required actions. 

This device also has a button via which the one using it can immediately call emergency contacts. These smart devices have an accuracy of 93%. Such devices can save a life by detecting instantly, and so it is a must-have for senior citizens living alone. 

Bedroom Essentials

Elder people tend to spend more time in their bedroom than in the living room. For this reason, it is important that the bedroom is equipped with essentials like non-slipping mats, bedside rails or handles, bed comfort wedge, and more. 

It is of utmost importance to have a cozy bedroom for mental health as you will spend a large number of hours there. Proper ventilation and light also make a huge difference. Things you require daily must be easy to grab. These small things can be considered while organizing the room for senior citizens.


Living alone at old age doesn’t mean you have to face troubles and inconvenience at each step. The devices and items mentioned above, like mobility aids, grab bars, railings, non-slipping mats, etc., can ease your life by simplifying mundane and challenging tasks. Hence, these items help senior citizens to have a happy, independent life. 

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