Great time to play World of Warcraft. The latest expansion, Shadowlands, which was released in November 2020, reveals a new unexplored area of ​​the cosmology of the Warcraft universe. Its plot takes players to the local afterlife, along the way introducing both new interesting mechanics and activities, such as a rogue-like dungeon that changes with each new entry, and four pretty cool factions that you can join and receive as a reward not only items and cosmetics, but also new abilities. Sure, Shadowlands is a massive update to WoW, but the MMO genre itself is constantly evolving and changing. Over the next few years, Blizzard will likely add a lot more content: new territories to explore, new storyline quests. Many aspects of the game available to players may be changed depending on user feedback. If you're not currently playing World of Warcraft, the question of whether to start playing or return to the game after a break, right now, can be difficult.

As you can see, my answer to this question is definitely yes. I'll explain my point of view in the next section and also explain why I see a great future for the game. The next content update is expected in the spring, which will bring even more new things to Shadowlands, and this will be just the beginning.

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