There’s no doubt that building an app comes with several challenges. From loading speed issues to high subscription fees, there are numerous challenges that you need to deal with while launching a successful meditation app for your users. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Simplicity and Speed

The headmost challenge your hired team app developers would face is maintaining simplicity and higher loading speed while adding ample options into the application.

2. Localizing App Content

When talking about app localization, there are various key challenges associated with developing multilingual apps. Mitigating those challenges and delivering the app on a pre-decided timeline would again be a challenge for your hired app partners.

3. Transparency

In the present scenario, there are various mindfulness meditation apps available in the market. However, only a few of them are backed by solid research. This has made consumers skeptical about which app to prefer and which not. And thereafter, made it challenging for business enthusiasts to win the trust of these customers and keep them hooked to their platform.

Something that is possible if you introduce the right amount of transparency into your app working.

4. Higher Subscription Rate

Users, when concentrating completely on the mindfulness market, are majorly not in favor of paying a subscription fee for the apps. Likewise, the companies in this domain are extensively focusing on implementing effective price benchmarking to get better outcomes.

So again, a higher subscription rate can be a stumbling block in the path of entrepreneurs planning to invest in calm meditation app development.

Appinventiv, a cloud computing company can help you research what other platforms have done well in order to inform your own strategy and we’ll also be able to provide insights about which types of users will best engage with your product based on our user analytics tools and data science expertise.