Room 920™ Mushroom Jelly – Blue Raspberry

With the increasing population growth from Asia and the Middle East, and the rise of the Television Food Shows, our food selections have greatly increased. Today, you can walk into almost any Supermarket and find at least half a dozen varieties of mushrooms Jelly – Blue Raspberry readily available. Some of the varieties that you can purchase are Crimini which are small brown mushrooms Jelly – Blue Raspberry, Portobello which are a larger version of the Crimini, White Mushrooms Jelly – Blue Raspberry, Shitake or Wood Mushrooms Jelly – Blue Raspberry, Oyster, Enoki, Chanterelles and Truffles.

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Mushrooms Jelly – Blue Raspberry can be cooked whole, quartered, sliced or chopped. The Crimini are good in stews, sauteed or stir fried with other vegetables. They are also good served with steak or other types of meat. The Portobello which is essentially a fully grown Crimini are great for Mushrooms Jelly – Blue Raspberry burgers. Remove the stems, marinate them in Italian Salad Dressing and then grill them on a stove top grill and serve on Hamburger Buns topped with Provolone Cheese and Lettuce and Tomato. You will get the same satisfaction from this Burger as one with beef and it is much healthier for you. The Portobello can also be stuffed with either a crab stuffing, a breadcrumb and chopped mushroom Jelly – Blue Raspberry stem stuffing or a rice stuffing. They are large enough so that one stuffed mushroom can serve as an entre for dinner served along with a salad.